Real Time Package Tracking

All Purpose Transport are a trusted logistics solutions company, servicing Brisbane and southeast Queensland. We utilise cutting edge online tracking systems to offer you real-time package tracking. And with the latest technology available for our fleet customers, you can rest assured your goods will be delivered safely and securely.

Our sign-on-glass technology digitally captures the recipients’ signature, providing customers with instant electronic proof of delivery, saving time and paperwork. This advanced track and trace helps streamline other processes and is able to be used by companies of all sizes through a cost-efficient mobile app.

Our track and trace system is in place for all our transport services, ranging from parcel, pallet to even a truck-sized load of freight.

Tracked Consignment Updates

Our company offers a range of logistic solutions to suit your needs. Consignment tracking provides instant proof of delivery with continual updates along the way for peace of mind. Our consignments are tracked from:

  • Booking
  • Pickup
  • Delivery
  • Customers’ electronic signature
  • GPS records to show vehicle was on-site.

Our real-time package tracking is greatly beneficial to our customers as it allows for a better order system with the ability to pick up any potential problems immediately. With track and trace, you are able to troubleshoot problems faster and reduce the chance of parcels, pallets or freight going missing.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Our GPS fleet tracking uses a vehicle tracking device with monitor software to manage a fleet of vehicles. This allows a fleet manager or business owner to track the location, driving behaviour and productivity of any fleet vehicle. The benefits of GPS fleet tracking include:

  • Optimises fleet performance
  • Identifies delivery delay points
  • Displays vehicle activity reporting
  • Ideal for permanent hire customers.

GPS tracking makes fleet management a smooth process, allowing businesses to manage their vehicle-related costs and ensure their company is running safely and efficiently.

If you require a transport company in Queensland (including regional areas), All Purpose Transport are the professionals to go with. Contact us today to experience excellence with every