One Name, All Solutions

Problem Solved!

As Queensland’s only true specialised transport solutions company we bring together:

  • refrigeration
  • heavy transport
  • taxi trucks
  • couriers
  • furniture transport
  • furniture removals
  • warehousing
  • 3PL

With that comes a management team with over 200 years of specialised transport knowledge.

If you’ve got a transport or logistics issue, then you can have confidence our team would have seen it and solved it before.

We don’t keep our managers behind big fancy desks, they’re on the phone and in the field keeping things running and they’re there if you ever need them.

Everybody says they want to be the best, but we have every single subcontractor driver and staff member of All Purpose Transport certificate 3 certified or above in their specialised area…it’s about having both the will and the skill to stay ahead.

Big Enough, Small Enough!

We’re really proud of our client list we’ve been building since 1975.  It includes names you’d be familiar with like IKEA, Rheem, Yalumba, BP and Dairy Farmers.

But we’re even prouder that we’ve managed to grow and still hold on to the family values that are so rare in business today.

As a 100% family owned business our shareholder meetings ask one simple question; “are we putting our customers first?”

Other companies might talk about partnership but all the managers at All Purpose Transport effectively join the family business.  This extends to all of our subcontractor drivers who are willing to take out a $6000 bond to join the company.

It might sound like a little difference, but it adds up to a big difference, meaning with All Purpose things never “fall off the back of our trucks”.

Deliver on our Word

When you’re 100% Queensland through and through you know reputation is everything.

It’s as simple as ‘if we stuff it, we sort it’ and we don’t just say it, we live it.

We’ve managed to combine online bookings, GPS fleet tracking, PDA sign-offs, emailed PODs, emailed invoices and track and trace….and we’re sure to have the very latest technology too.

See, we get it’s not about technology for technology’s sake, it’s about having the very best support possible so that when we say, “it will be there”….well, “it will be there”.

It’s nice when we can back it up with independent verification from HACCP, QLD Trucking Association, Supply Chain and Logistics Association and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and a number of independent audits every year.  It all adds up to us being Queensland’s most awarded specialised transport solutions company.  That means we can deliver for our customers, whenever and wherever they need us.